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The world mostly got to know about Ukraine in 2014, when the war came to our homeland. Fighting for our future, we also understand, how important the cultural frontline is. So in 2023 LUkraine asbl team decided to represent a real Ukraine, an unknown Ukraine, a unique Ukraine.

While Ukraine is considered to be as a hospitable country with true-hearted nationals, similar to Europe, but still authentic, the world still doesn’t know enough about Ukrainian history, its difference from other post-soviet countries, achievements, and contributions.

Here in Luxembourg, with 170 nationalities across the country we have a chance to spread the word worldwide. We want to show you Ukraine that has always been diverse and progressive. Who we are, what we invented and how much similar things with Luxembourg, as well as with other European countries we do have. We want to demonstrate why Ukraine is considered to be one of the most precious pearls of Europe.

We want to represent a real Ukraine, a country with a long and rich history and cultural heritage, which has served as an inspiration for many personalities. We want to show our main trump cards in attracting tourists all over the world. We open Ukraine for Europe, giving a chance to ruin stereotypes, discover amazing things and demonstrating the beauty and uniqueness of our country.
June 2023
Jun 15
15 June 2023 6:30 pm - 11:00 pm
Rotondes, 3, Place des Rotondes, 2448 Bonneweg-Nord
Luxembourg, Luxembourg